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Built to improve website accessibility


Multiple tools for web accessibility improvement

Accessibility live test playground example with
Dashboard for accessibility insights with example using

Fast and efficient, web accessibility made easy

Our system is composed of a robost structure that makes us unique. Use our cloud or your own servers.


Target WCAG issues spot on helping to figure out problems at hand. View detailed reports and vitals on your website.


Get notified when issues occur so you can take action immediately. Control the days of the week you want to get alerted.


Get tips on how to improve your app so all users have a pleasant experience. Bring accessibility changes into production safer.


Add a CDN script that mitigates drastic issues for your users easily. If you accidently deploy an issue to act like a safeguard.


Connect your software to handle issues via our API. Choose between OpenAPI, GraphQL, and gRPC to enhance your productivity.

Live Viewer

View the issues in the browser and experiment with fixes in real time. Adjust colors and accessibility properties to leverage productivity.


With AI and machine learning we tailor custom needs for your website rapidly. Determine missing alts with high proximity ratios, css style issues, and more.

100% Open-Source

Every line of code to power this project is fully open-source and available on GitHub. Easily fork the project and run on your own server with docker.

Get reports, monitoring, and core web vitals

Get live results on any website like Twitter, Github, and Dropbox.

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Accessibility CLI

Run A11yWatch on any machine using the Rust Command Line Interface. Get the CLI simply in shell using npm i a11ywatch-cli -g.

~ npm i a11ywatch-cli -g
~ a11ywatch build && a11ywatch start
~ a11ywatch scan -u
  • Local
    Want to host A11yWatch on your own? In one command start the project with docker or directly on the machine. Tear up or down the project in seconds with our slim multi-staged binary builds.
  • Remote Deployment
    Run anywhere, with the CLI you can target AWS, GCP, or Azure to host the application via terraform. Quickly bring up or down a full A11yWatch suite in one command.
  • CI
    Need to run accessibility test after each PR? Use on any CI that supports docker like CircleCI, Jenkins, and Github Actions.
Gilbert Bagaoisan, Head of Design at ZeeMee
A11yWatch is lightning fast. Build designs that bring accessibility in mind before and after deployment. Always stay up to date with the latest issues as they arise.
Gilbert Bagaoisan, Head of Design at ZeeMee

Trusted by many businesses from all over

Used by small companies to Fortune 500.

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Plans for everyone

Flexible plans that can be adjusted anytime.


Perfect for small hobby projects & websites

  • Monitor 1 website
  • Daily email reports
  • 2 site-wide scans a day
  • Root page checked daily
  • Visual website playground
  • 3 private API request a day
  • API
  • Lighthouse on root page
  • Limited support
Free Start
Forever Free


Great for production level web applications

  • Everything in Free
  • Subdomain crawling
  • Monitor up to 3 websites
  • 10 site-wide scans a day
  • All pages checked daily
  • Personal secure CDN
  • Custom scripts
  • 10,000+ AI Models for alt tag recognition
  • 100 private API request a day
  • Email support
Basic Start
Cancel anytime.


Large workload websites and subdomains

  • Everything in Basic
  • TLD crawling
  • Monitor up to 8 websites
  • 100 site-wide scans a day
  • Editable scripts
  • 500 private API request a day
  • Advanced AI API calls for alt tag recognition
  • Lighthouse on all pages
  • Dedicated support
Premium Start
Cancel anytime.

EnterpriseContact Us

Custom workloads and integrations at hand

  • Everything in Premium
  • Custom websites monitoring limit
  • Custom site-wide scan limit
  • Custom contracts & invoicing
  • Custom API usage limits
  • 24×7 enterprise support
  • Code audits & professional services
Contact Us
Cancel anytime.

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