The open source web accessibility tool built for scale.

A11ywatch provides powerful tools for testing web inclusivity so you can build better software. We created a smart safeguard that prevents drastic issues across your websites without hurting SEO and without overlays. Our system runs so fast speed becomes a feature.

Gain confidence across every step with multiple areas of entry like embed scripts, automated solutions, API, and more. Add custom actions and authentication for different use cases easy.

Accessibility Testing

Website reports per minute (Linux)

  • A11yWatch: 51,021 scans per minute
  • Wave: 55 scans per minute
  • Deque: 43 scans per minute

Beyond fast and powerful

Our system is composed of a robost structure that makes us unique. We built the system capable of handling very large production grade websites that need minimal downtime across thousands of pages. Use our cloud or self host your own.


Target WCAG issues spot on helping to figure out problems at hand. View detailed reports and vitals on your website with ease.


Get notified when issues occur so you can take action immediately and control when you want to get alerted.


Get tips on how to improve your app so all users have a pleasant experience. Inject code fixes automatically into your source.


Add a CDN script that mitigates drastic issues for your users easily. If you accidently deploy an issue to act like a safeguard.


Connect your software to handle issues via our API. Choose between OpenAPI, GraphQL, and gRPC to communicate.

Live Viewer

View the issues in the browser and experiment with fixes in real time. Adjust colors and accessibility properties for productivity.

Detailed reports in one location

Get insight on all of your domains live.

A11ywatch dashboard example for monitoring and fixing web accessibility

Javascript Integration

Use npm or your favorite javascript package manager to install the suite.

import { scan, multiPageScan } from "@a11ywatch/a11ywatch";

// single page website scan.
const results = await scan({ url: "" });
// multi page website scan.
const resultsAll = await multiPageScan({ url: "", subdomains: false, tld: false });

A11yWatch Web Accessibility CLI

Run A11yWatch on any machine using the Command Line Interface. Install the CLI in shell using the command npm i a11ywatch-cli -g.

~ npm i a11ywatch-cli -g
~ a11ywatch build && a11ywatch start
~ a11ywatch crawl -u localhost:3000
  • Local, CI, or Remote

    Want to host A11yWatch on your own? In one command start the project with docker or directly on the machine. Tear up or down the project in seconds with our slim binary builds or via Terraform.
  • Concurrent Website Testing

    Get reports for thousands of pages in seconds with real browsers for WCAGA-AAA, Section508, and beyond. Get spot on results with up to 55% of all web accessibility issues handled with recommendations.
  • Lightning Fast

    Receive results with practically no downtime for your web pages across every workflow. The suite is small and powerful running on linux, macOS, and windows using native features for the cutting edge performance.
  • Dynamic Testing

    Add custom sequences to evaluate your website in one location. Handle real world edge cases autonomously for any website. Determine real test flows that would occur on pages with simple no-code action builders.

We created A11yWatch from beginning to be fast, flexible, and simple. Our business model is transparent and different compared to normal services. Pricing is fair across the board since we only charge for the time it takes your page to load.

A11yWatch began as an idea that web accessibility auditing can be done without compromising time and quality. A11yWatch started as a web accessibility monitor or safeguard that could be user focused and simple without overlays.

Expansion comes reasonably when our customers tell their friends about A11yWatch, services start using us for all their client websites, or when others try several web accessibility products and end up choosing us. We want this to be organic.

Our accessibility engine is set to handle multiple edge cases that we take for granted. This includes randomizing agents, and viewports for every website and webpage while delivering real-time detailed reports for auditing.

Customers come first on our end because they’re our only investors. We don’t have VC funding, loans, or any shareholders. This allows us to ship meaningful features and continue updates that make sense to improve our platform.

By supporting a company like ours, you are taking a step towards a unified vision of the internet that aligns with ours: split from large companies, accuracy, and all without compromising reliability, speed or quality of support.

A11yWatch is used by companies that care about inclusion

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