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A11ywatch provides powerful tools for testing web inclusivity correctly so you can build better software. Our system is constantly improving web accessibility test coverage, efficiency & speed, and other integrations that help productivity.

Gain confidence across every step with robust solutions like automated workflows, API access, and much more.

Website Accessibility

The big picture

  • A11yWatch: 1,038,145+ scans per minute
  • 63% coverage across issues
  • 10,000 - 100,000%+ more efficient
Audits per minute
Accessibility coverage
Cost Savings

Swift and mighty

Our system is composed of a robost structure that makes us unique. We built the system capable of handling very large production grade websites that need minimal downtime across thousands of pages.


Target accessibility issues spot on helping to figure out problems at hand. View detailed reports and vitals across your websites.


Get notified when issues occur so you can take action immediately and control when you want to get alerted.


Get tips on how to improve your app so all users have a pleasant experience. Inject code fixes automatically into your source.


Multiple integrations available with direct access to the same engine across products or 3rd party tools.


Connect your software to handle issues via our API. Choose between OpenAPI, GraphQL, and gRPC to communicate.

Live Viewer

View the issues in the browser and experiment with fixes in real time. Adjust colors and accessibility properties for productivity.


With AI and machine learning we tailor custom needs rapidly. Determine missing alts with high proximity ratios, css style issues, and more.


If you are performing any type of accessibility testing using our service will save you between 10,000% - 100,000%+ on cost by using our platform.


Reports run so fast that we can handle over a million pages within a couple mins on 8gb memory linux. The speed of the reports at this rate becomes a feature.

All the details you need in one location

Get inclusive reports across all your websites with real time updates.

We created A11yWatch from beginning to be fast, flexible, and simple. Our business model is transparent and different compared to normal services. Pricing is fair across the board since we only charge for the time it takes your page to load.

A11yWatch began as an idea that web accessibility auditing can be done without compromising time and quality. A11yWatch started as a web accessibility monitor or safeguard that could be user focused and simple without overlays.

Expansion comes reasonably when our customers tell their friends about A11yWatch, services start using us for all their client websites, or when others try several web accessibility products and end up choosing us. We want this to be organic.

Our accessibility engine is set to handle multiple edge cases that we take for granted. This includes randomizing agents, and viewports for every page on your web application while delivering real-time detailed reports for auditing.

Customers come first on our end because they’re our only investors. We don’t have VC funding, loans, or any shareholders. This allows us to ship meaningful features and continue updates that make sense to improve our platform.

By supporting a company like ours, you are taking a step towards a unified vision of the internet that aligns with ours: split from large companies, accuracy, and all without compromising reliability, speed or quality of support.

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