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Improve your website's accessibility and avoid unexpected charges with A11yWatch's accurate and affordable web accessibility automation solutions in the cloud. Ensure compliance and a better user experience for all with our service for accessibility testing, monitoring, and fixing.

A11yWatch provides robust tools for testing web inclusivity accurately, so you can create websites that are accessible to everyone. We continuously work on enhancing our coverage, speed, and integrations to improve productivity along with web compliance.

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Our web accessibility system is built with a strong reliable infrastructure, perfect for handling diverse, production-level websites with minimal downtime across millions of pages.

Receive rapid and precise accessibility audits with our platform.

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    Improve user experience with detailed insights and enhance web accessibility quickly.

  • Real-Time Alerts

    Stay informed with real-time alerts that empower action and resolve issues.

  • Expert Recommendations

    Get expert tips and boost website accessibility for users of all abilities everywhere.

  • Stellar Integrations

    Streamline productivity with multiple integrations and tools for web inclusion.

  • Streaming API

    Simplify testing with a powerful API that meets web accessibility standards.

  • Live Viewer

    Experiment and adjust accessibility properties for improved productivity.

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Up to 84% automated web accessibility auditing coverage

Our tool is more accurate than the best alternative. Get the best coverage across issues and domain resolution at once with almost no downtime. The time it takes the page to load is about the same time it takes to receive the results for the page. Our state of the art concurrency architecture is the most resource efficient and performant to handle millions of scans within seconds.

A11yWatch is used by companies that care about inclusion

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We created A11yWatch from beginning to be fast, flexible, and simple. Our business model is transparent and different compared to normal services. Pricing is fair across the board since we only charge for the time it takes to perform audits on the page.

A11yWatch began as an idea that web accessibility auditing can be done without compromising time and quality. A11yWatch started as a web accessibility monitor or safeguard that could be user focused and simple without overlays.

Expansion comes reasonably when our customers tell their friends about A11yWatch, people start using us for all their client websites, or when others try several web accessibility products and end up choosing us. We want this to be organic.

Our accessibility engine is set to handle multiple edge cases that we take for granted. This includes randomizing agents, and viewports for every page on your web application while delivering real-time detailed reports for auditing.

Customers come first on our end because they’re our only investors. We don’t have VC funding, loans, or any shareholders. This allows us to ship meaningful features and continue updates that make sense to improve our platform.

By supporting a company like ours, you are taking a step towards a unified vision of the internet that aligns with ours: split from large companies, accuracy, and all without compromising reliability, speed or quality of support.

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