Inactivity Policy at A11yWatch

Email Squatting Policy

We strictly prohibit email squatting, and account emails cannot be held inactive for future use. Inactive accounts may be renamed or removed at the discretion of our staff. Please note that not all activities on A11yWatch are publicly visible, such as certain reports. Any attempts to sell, buy, or solicit other forms of payment in exchange for account names are strictly prohibited and may result in permanent account suspension. You have 90 days to confirm your email before your account is scheduled for deletion.

Reactivating Accounts

If you have an email that was banned, please contact our support team to determine if the ban can be lifted.

Sensible Rules

Having the rules in place prevents losses that could impact our ability to offer our service for free. It also ensures efficient use of our system for web accessibility checks and balances.

Stay inclusive with confidence

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