Open Source Web Accessibility Platform

Test your web accessibility and vitals fast. Learn how the issue happened and the steps needed to remedy the fix correctly.

Building blocks for detecting critical errors

Live web accessibility testing

Scan your website and get near instant results for free. Sign up today to get site-wide monitoring and other web accessibility improvement tools right in the browser or your own servers. Theres multiple entry points to get started keeping your website inclusive. All test are done using a live browser and a real dom to run on.

Fast website inclusion results

Optimize your workflow on tackling issues while learning how to stay accessible for the long run. A11yWatch was built with the speed in mind to give you real time results with minimal downtime even if you have thousands of pages.

Conformance to WCAG2.1 + & Section508

Extending WCAG2.1 as the foundation, we also look at other areas of the guidelines that have yet to be introduced and other additions that blend into web accessibility including Section508 and even WCAG3.0. Get recommended descriptions for missing alt tags that can included directly into your code or injected with the help of Machine Learning and AI.

Open-Source tools that scale
Keep your content inclusive

Configurable testing that helps with real applications.

It gets you testing on the go

Use the system on any device or consume theOpenAPI, gRPC, and GraphQL endpoints.

Web vitals that make a difference

Opt in to include insightful Google Lighthouse reports and other metrics.

Pick the best Wave alternative

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