Maintainable and easy pricing

Plans are usage based that can be adjusted at anytime and includes a 7 free trial.

Get detailed accessibility reports that go beyond the basics with ease across all your websites.

  • All pricing is in USD.
    Renews are auto until cancelled.

All plans include:

  • up to 50 domains
  • Wildcard subdomains and tld monitoring
  • All pages checked daily with email status reports
  • Embed custom script safeguard
  • Visual website playground
  • 10,000+ AI Models for alt tag recognition
  • PageSpeed reports across all pages
  • Direct code fixes in any language
  • Unlimited API request
Need more? We can easily handle thousands of scans per minute, get in touch for a quote.

The accessibility scan duration is measured strictly based on the time it takes for the DOM to load.

Scans run concurrently, so 30 seconds may be equal to 1 second in real time.

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