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Perfect for small hobby projects & websites

  • 1 source hostname

  • Daily email reports

  • 30 seconds of scan uptime

  • Root page checked daily

  • Visual website playground

  • 3 private API request a day

  • PageSpeed Insights on root page

  • Limited support


Great for production level web applications

  • Everything in Free

  • 3 source hostnames

  • Wildcard subdomains

  • 300 seconds of scan uptime

  • All pages checked daily

  • Personal secure CDN

  • Custom scripts

  • 10,000+ AI Models for alt tag recognition

  • 100 private API request a day

  • Email support


Large workload websites and subdomains

  • Everything in Basic

  • 8 source hostnames

  • Wildcard tlds

  • 800 seconds of scan uptime

  • Editable scripts

  • 500 private API request a day

  • Advanced AI API calls for alt tag recognition

  • PageSpeed Insights on all pages

  • Dedicated support

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Custom workloads and integrations at hand

  • Everything in Premium

  • Custom source hostnames limit

  • Custom site-wide scan limit

  • Custom contracts & invoicing

  • Custom API usage limits

  • 24×7 enterprise support

  • Code audits & professional services

The accessibility scan duration is measured strictly based on the time it takes for the DOM to load.

All scans are ran in concurrent so 30 seconds may be equal to 1 second in real time.

The faster your website is the more uptime you get.

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