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Improve your product's web accessibility from the start of the building process. Follow these principles to improve inclusivity and ensure your website meets foundational rules.

Curated list of web accessibility tips and tricks

Learn all about accessibility and how to maintain web accessibility for the long run.

Colors that are web safe

Make clear and distinct color design choices using Google's Material Design Color Tool and Contrast Ratio.

WCAG Principles

Application foundations that help improve audience inclusion and reach.

Accessibility Checklist

Quick checklists to improve your content's accessibility.


Accessibility comes in many forms. With macOS and iPhones, we can enhance a major part of our applications. By understanding the underlying technologies, we can leverage these features to better assist users, providing a better overall user experience and expanding our audience.

React components with accessibility in mind

If you are using React for your project, consider using Chakra UI. It takes care of many accessibility considerations that are easy to overlook when trying to deliver a website quickly.

Avoid intense animations

Animations can be an effective means of conveying a message, but the user experience can suffer if they are not implemented correctly or smoothly. It's important to create smooth animations to ensure users can view them properly. Use tools available in browsers' development tools, such as Chrome, to measure FPS and simulate the effect on different devices. Testing animations can help ensure that everyone perceives the effect in the same way.

Understand how performance impacts accessibility

Understand how performance impacts accessibility

Practice VoiceOver

VoiceOver on iOS is a powerful tool for users with visual impairments. Using VoiceOver adds an additional layer of complexity to your regular application. To ensure that your application runs smoothly with VoiceOver, it's important to test for speed and performance. Utilize aria-labels and other accessibility attributes to optimize accessibility for all users.

Stay inclusive with confidence

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