Why A11yWatch VS X

Web accessibility tools comparison

A detailed list of web accessibility tools and features.


Live web accessibility testing
WCAG A-AAA audits
Section508 audits
CI pipelines
Command Line Interface
Custom actions to run on pages
Custom request headers configuration
Secure proxy support
Dynamic url handling
Dynamic subdomains testing
Dynamic TLDs testing
Concurrent website testing
Live visual website testing
Handle large workloads and websites
Alt tag recommendations
Web accessibility code remediations directly
Feature comparison


All benches are done on 8gb linux Github Action containers

Performance and Costs
Average pages tested per $10 spent250,000
https://www.coinbase.com - 5,900 pages2 mins
https://www.hbo.com - 7,500 pages2-3 mins
https://a11ywatch.com - 48 pages0.1-0.5ms
Performance and cost comparison

Reasons why A11yWatch is faster

Some of the reasons A11yWatch is faster and more efficient than the rest is due to the way we gather our resources with our Rust crawlerand protocol of choice to control the browser. Devtools protocol allows you to manipulate the entire control beyond the UI layer to enhance the way a it would normally load a web app by doing things like intercepting network request, manipulating elements, and more. A11yWatch goes to the next level with optimisations for speed by leveraging multiple technologies like Rust, gRPC streams and efficient algorithms.

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