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Current status

We are currently working on improvements to our dashboard and improving the process across our platform.

January 2023

  • Performance improvements reaching over 1million audits per minute!
  • CSV report exporting
  • Dashboard analytics coverage improvements
  • Performance improvements reaching 400k+ audits per minute!
  • Selecting multiple runners supported.
  • Proxy connect support.
  • Sitmap extended crawling!
  • Performance improvements reaching 200k audits per minute!

December 2022

  • Analytics across all pages and domains.
  • Dark mode support!

November 2022

  • Scaled pricing plans are now live with all features 🥳!
  • Remove middleware authentication dashboard url rewrite.

October 2022

  • Security improvements and rate limiting updates.

September 2022

  • Improve application concurrency limits.

August 2022

  • Add public gRPC entry for website report gathering.

July 2022

  • Fix email password reset handling.
  • Add paginated API endpoints for base models.

June 2022

  • TLD and subdomain crawl bug fixes.
  • API bug fixes across some endpoints.

May 2022

  • OpenAPI crawl expose and crawl fixes across multi domains.
  • Add mobile viewport scan option toggle.

April 2022

  • Iframe render security improvements.

March 2022

  • Improve portability across systems and reduce memory usage.

February 2022

  • Add Pagespeed reports.

January 2022

  • Fix first party auth handling.

December 2021

  • Remove universal analytics tracking.

July 2021

  • Add yearly plans.

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