A11yWatch Features

Main Features

Issue Reporter

Our issue reporter scans for problems with recommended solutions. Get notified as they occur with detailed information on what happened. The reporter runs on all your pages and you can run the test multiple times a day.

women and accessible app
cloud stored

Auto CDN

Include a custom cdn that fixes most of your issues at runtime. Our cdn uses a neural network that is composed of a couple of open nets like GoogleNet, ImageNet, and MobileNet. We also use common learning into the mixture to have a generic model. The networks in layers allow us to learn and declare images with extraordinary precision.

website playground to test fixes

Website View

View your website with annotations of the issues on your page. Experiment with recommended fixes before you add in our secure CDN to validate the changes and more.

Script View

View your scripts that come from the scripts page. Verifiy exactly what goes into production with notes on whats being changed. Editing scripts coming soon...

code snippets