Main Features

Web Accessibility and Vitals Fast

Our inclusion insight reporter and monitor scans for problems with recommended solutions that are tuned for your website including WCAG 2.0 and beyond. Get notified when new issues occur with detailed information on what happened on all your pages. Control how often you need the reporter to run to get alerted along your schedule. Get Google Lighthouse reports on all of your pages at once. We are the only web accessibility service capable of handling large websites with thousands of pages, for more info check out thebenches.

Issue reporter like news

Accessibility CDN

Include a personal custom CDN that fixes critical issues at runtime that would drastically hurt a users experience. Our cdn uses a neural network that is composed of a couple of open nets like GoogleNet, ImageNet, and MobileNet. We also use common learning into the mixture to have a generic model. The networks in layers allow us to learn and declare images with extraordinary precision. View your CDN at any time and even edit it as needed with the live script editor.

Cloud cdn for fixing

Website Visual Playground

View your website with annotations of the issues on your page. Experiment with recommended fixes to validate changes before release in real-time. Test how your website would respond to visual updates on the fly.

Amusement park for website creation

Temporary Script Remedy

View your website javascript remedies that come from the scripts page. Verifiy exactly what goes into production with notes on whats being changed. If you need to make a tweak, edit the script in real time with our editor. This is suppose to be a temporary solution so you can get to the fixes with a dedicated check list.

Fix issues with custom remedies

Some more of the features.


Target WCAG issues spot on helping to figure out problems at hand. View detailed reports and vitals on your website with ease.


Get notified when issues occur so you can take action immediately. Control the days of the week you want to get alerted.


Get tips on how to improve your app so all users have a pleasant experience. Inject code fixes automatically into your source.


Add a CDN script that mitigates drastic issues for your users easily. If you accidently deploy an issue to act like a safeguard.


Connect your software to handle issues via our API. Choose between OpenAPI, GraphQL, and gRPC to communicate.

Live Viewer

View the issues in the browser and experiment with fixes in real time. Adjust colors and accessibility properties for productivity.


With AI and machine learning we tailor custom needs for your website rapidly. Determine missing alts with high proximity ratios, css style issues, and more.

100% Open-Source

Every line of code to power this project is fully open-source and available on GitHub. Easily fork the project and run on your own server with docker.


Reports run so fast that we can handle 10,000 pages within 10 mins on 8gb mem linux. The speed of the reports at this rate becomes a feature when you compare with others.