A11yWatch Platform Features

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Tools built for the job

Accurate and Fast Web Accessibility Audits

Our web accessibility insight reporter and monitor scans for problems with recommended solutions that are tuned for any website using WCAG, Section508, and beyond. Get notified when new issues occur with detailed information on what happened on all pages. Control how often you need the reporter to run on based on your schedule. Include critical Web Vitals across all urls at once. Our service is capable of handling large websites with thousands - millions of pages, view thebenchmarks.

Issue reporter like news

Website Visual Playground

View your website with elegant annotations of the issues on your page. Experiment with recommended fixes to validate changes before release in real-time. Verify how your website would respond to visual updates with tools that help validate contrast, alts, spacing, and more.

Amusement park for website creation

API Integrations

Get web accessibility results any-where at any time. We built many tools that can fit within your pipeline to help fine accessibility and web vitals. With uptime set to fit your flow take ideas to the next level. The most affordable price for accessibility auditing with portablity and efficiency.

Fix issues with custom remedies

Some more of the features.


Target accessibility issues spot on helping to figure out problems at hand. View detailed reports and vitals across your websites.


Get notified when issues occur so you can take action immediately and control when you want to get alerted.


Get tips on how to improve your app so all users have a pleasant experience. Inject code fixes automatically into your source.


Multiple integrations available with direct access to the same engine across products or 3rd party tools.


Connect your software to handle issues via our API. Choose between OpenAPI, GraphQL, and gRPC to communicate.

Live Viewer

View the issues in the browser and experiment with fixes in real time. Adjust colors and accessibility properties for productivity.

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