A11yWatch Technical Roadmap

Project Outline

Web Accessibility Progression

It is important to note the steps we are trying to take for the ultimate level of web inclusion with minimal downsides along the way. This means we acknowledge that things arent perfect but, we are trying our best to provide the best experience to our capabilities. The phases we have set are according to difficulty and time it will take for the solution. We have rough estimates to better our judgement on when we can provide the features to come. We are currently on Phase 4.

JS execution fixes

Our initial and simplest phase to get some level of fixes is to provide a CDN to override the issues at runtime using javascript. We can manipulate the dom to apply the fixes as soon as the page loads. The manipulation of the dom in our context can be very minimal and fast since everything is synchronous. This means that content can adjust quick enough to prevent elements from shifting and flickering.

javascript fixes from a cdn

Editable Scripts

AI and machine learning has a bit to go to have spot on labeling for image recognition. This means we need to have a level of accuracy for certainty on our fix being correct. If the probability is not near 100% we need to allow developers to edit the scripts to proper labels. Using the script panel you should be able to live edit the script so that the changes can be applied on your live website.

edit your code with accuracy

Compilation Fixes

With fixes applied at compile time we no longer need to rely on javascript to load the solutions initially. This is a huge benefit since the speed of scripts varies greatly on the users device. This process would be hooked into your deployment or build steps so that way it can run seamless.

source code visual

Development Code Generation

The last step is to provide a way to hook into your development process that runs in your own environment. With the dev time support we can provide helpful features like injecting visual annotations into your actual application so that you can provide the remedies automatically to code. At this level we will support the most popular front-end frameworks first besides basic html support.

languages supported a variation

Development Roadmap

You can view the active development roadmap here on github.