About A11yWatch

Our goal is to make the web easily accessible for everyone.

Accessibility is crucial to making the web an equal shared experience for everyone, especially when it comes to information (www.). We bring all of these concerns to you at every step through conformance without any clunky overlay. A11yWatch is the most affordable solution for web automated accessibility testing.

Universal Web Inclusion

Our vision starts with really believing that the web should be a smooth universal experience. The web has grown and adopted many assistive technologies to try to make this experience feel natural for everyone. One thing is that it's up to developers to assure this.

Our goals for web accessibility

We are striving to improve the overall coverage, efficiency, and speed of web accessibility automation. The main goal is to provide web accessibility audits that are affordable and accurate. A US penny on our platform can scan upto 50 pages perhaps even more! Our cost-effective pricing model is based on the load time of your webpage and actions performed. Additionally, we are working towards the ability to audit native mobile applications for accessibility errors.

Assistive labels with the help of Computer Vision

At A11yWatch we use machine learning and AI to generate assistive props, alt text, color contrast, and much more. The help of Computer Vision gives detailed descriptions of alt text recommendations that could be used along with describing text from images with OCR.

Beyond quick and insightful

Take the process of making a website accessible with n * pages of your product which can lead to a lengthy timeline. We also provide a kit to automatically dive into the native assistive technologies to provide an amazing experience for everyone.

Multiple ways to build ontop of

You can use the platform in many ways to help test web accessibility. Using the system on your server as a feature, process, or on your CI to make certain every page meets a certain standard as well.

We also have consultants available for technical integrations and manual auditing.

Founded late 2019

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