About A11yWatch

Our goal is to make the web easily accessible for everyone.

Accessibility is crucial to making the web an equal shared experience for everyone, especially when it comes to information (www.). We bring all of these concerns to you at every step through conformance without any clunky overlay.

Universal Web Vision

Our vision starts with really believing that the web should be a smooth universal experience. The web has grown and adopted many assistive technologies to try to make this experience feel natural for everyone. One thing is that it's up to developers to assure this.


One major goal that we are trying to acheive is the ability to fix a website or mobile applications ada errors with a SDK or cdn. This is a step into reducing work that can be repetitive and very time consuming.

Assistive labels powered by AI

A big step into making a product usable across multiple devices is to have the program fully assistive through voice. With A11yWatch we are taking a step into providing extreme dedication into machine learning and AI to generate assistive props, color contrast, alt tags, and much more with accuracy.

Fast like Really Fast

Take the process of making a website accessible with n * pages of your product which can lead to a lengthy timeline. With A11yWatch tech we can provide a kit to automatically dive into the native assistive technologies to provide an amazing experience for everyone.

Founded late 2019

Feel free to email us on any issues if they occur or contact us through the intercom chat support at the bottom of the screen.