A11yWatch Consultants

A11yWatch has accessibility experts who can provide hands-on or hands-off consulting. We offer services across web, mobile, and server-side expertise to improve your application's experience. Although some countries' laws require websites to be compliant, the majority of websites on the internet are not compliant.

WCAG Web Compliance Reduces Legal Risk

We ensure that your product complies with WCAG 2.0 standards without using any overlays, toolbars, or other manual processes that do not correct issues without user input. When we use AI, we validate that the probability meets high standards or ensure that humans correct any remedies. This allows us to deliver compliance at a high level of accuracy.

Professional Support

A11yWatch can provide expert-level support for the following technologies related to accessibility, UI, and UX.

  • Web
  • Mobile
  • Embed
  • Cloud
  • IoT

Custom Work

  • Provide an estimate of time and price if the work is straightforward.
  • Offer alternative solutions depending on the project situation.
  • Decline the work due to timing or other factors.

For more information on consulting, please send an email to .

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