Vercel Integrations

Extensions, integrations, and tools for the Vercel deployment platform with A11yWatch Web Accessibility Audits. Deliver accessible experiences after every code change.

Continuous Testing

Test your website after every code change with the Vercel Integration. Set limits for the number of issues allowed before deployment.

Vercel Integrations
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The official A11yWatch Integration


The A11yWatch Integration is the primary tool for improving inclusion. It requires a valid A11yWatch account on a Pro plan or higher.

Vercel is a zero-config cloud platform for static sites and serverless functions built for high-performance apps and websites. With low maintenance and automatic scaling, Vercel is an excellent choice for hosting your next JAMstack project. Simply push your code to a git repository, and you'll be ready to launch your site. Explore these tools, integrations, and resources for Vercel deployments using A11yWatch. They include in-studio deployment widgets, one-click boilerplate starters, helpful guides, and a variety of example projects to inspire your next app.

Stay inclusive with confidence

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