Set up A11yWatch according to your needs

A11yWatch provides many unique features that allow you to build, test, and monitor web accessibility.

A11yWatch Engine Configurations that can cut costs:

  • Prevent Storing Data - Great for inclusion services that already store the data.
  • Compure Vision AI - Get accurate details on missing alt recommendations, etc.
  • Change your plan - Optimize your usage by selecting a plan that meets your page volume needs. Enabling auto-refills on the profile page ensures uninterrupted crawling if your usage reaches the limit.
  • Set Up Crawl Limits - Essential for crawling websites that are not part of your domain or the web.
  • Change Accessibility Runner - You can switch the accessibility runner and remove fast_axecore (axecore) or fast_htmlcs (htmlcs), which are high-performance rewrites of the libraries.
  • Sitemap Options - Allows to include URLs found that are public to the website
  • Visual Issues - See an image of the issue to know exactly what the problem is with remedies upfront.

By choosing A11yWatch for accessibility auditing, you are already in a good position with your wallet.

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