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At {{companyName}} we spent the last 3 years solving some unique challenges for the OSS web accessibility automation community. Some of the challenges brought us to making and giving back to some cutting edge technology that can be used for building better software. We started out by first figuring out how to effectively crawl a website concurrently and learned that the limitations of handling it and how to choose the best technology for the job. That lead us to creating the worlds fastest OSS crawler. The building of our product we mainly did in private without embracing the most feedback from the community and more aligned to users that used our product day to day. {{companyName}} is an affordable web accessibility evaluation tool on the market due to the challenges solved.

Speed and coverage above and beyond

A11yWatch Lite empowers the community to understand the pivotal role of software in achieving accessibility at scale. Earlier technologies or APIs were too slow and inefficient, which amplified the cost allocated to the service multiple times. With A11yWatch Lite, we have developed an advanced micro-service infrastructure that leverages native methods and the OS kernel, resulting in unprecedented speed, performance, and scalability for web accessibility. Our solution is sectioned into multiple layers for optimal speed and efficiency, and we leverage cutting-edge techniques such as async streams and gRPC for maximum effectiveness.

The next steps for us.

The OSS version of the software that proves the concepts of achieving efficient accessibility auditing at scale lives on Github (A11yWatch Lite). The closed source version of the system we are already on our way of making web access more efficient and realistic to handle automated task in the cloud. If we work together and leverage the infrastructure at hand we can make this process affordable and change the norm of needing to spend thousands of dollars on licenses.

Web Accessibility Evaluation Speed

Evaluations per minute

  • A11yWatch: 453,614 scans per minute
  • Pa11y: 44 scans per minute
  • Axe: 33 scans per minute

Jeff Mendez

My name is Jeff and I enjoy to build things and fishing on my downtime.

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