WCAG Web Accessibility Checker

Web Accessibility Checker

If you need to be ADA complaint one of the initial things to do is to evaluate your website with an online website evaluation tool. This allows you to get a report style tackle list of your issues and how to fix them depending on the evaluation tool you use. In a way you can look at this like your checklist to reassure the most basic needs to become inclusive. You can use our built in tool at A11yWatch Web Accessibility Evaluation Tool to get your list of issues with spot on results on how to fix your website and more. You can even use A11yWatch to instantly fix a handful of your issues across your website
as well!

Becoming ADA complaint is the most basic set of requirements for a decent web experience. Outstanding accessibility goes beyond any tackle list out there, that’s when you can hire experience specialist to take your product to the next level. We have a network of consultants that can help manually and automatically too.

Jeff Mendez

My name is Jeff and I am the founder and creator of A11yWatch.