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We really believe GNU org is in the right mindset that most software should be free to use, customize, view the source, and etc. This brings us to a point where we are going to release A11yWatch open to the public and host it on our GitHub repo. This will also make accessibility universally visible to all developers from a technical view. Support free software by checking out the Free Software Foundation. A11yWatch is undergoing some tuning to prep public release. We hope to have this ready by next month.

JS Integration with Litemode

Use JavaScript to start A11yWatch Lite on your local machine and test out an early slimmed-down version of the software.

// npm install @a11ywatch/a11ywatch
import { scan, multiPageScan } from "@a11ywatch/a11ywatch";

// single page website scan.
const results = await scan({ url: "" });
// multi page website scan.
const resultsAll = await multiPageScan({ url: "", subdomains: false });

A11yWatch API Client

// npm install @a11ywatch/a11ywatch
import { setAPIToken, setA11yWatchURL, crawlWebsite, scanWebsite } from "@a11ywatch/a11ywatch/client";


// single page website scan.
const audit = await scanWebsite({ url: "" })

// multi page website scan.
await crawlWebsite({ url: "" }, (audit) => { 

Update 2023

While the open source version of A11yWatch is available to the public, we no longer are maintaining new features to the lite version. We decided it is best that the software continues closed source since maintaining the liability and security concerns becomes a huge factor for engineers. Some pieces of our solution may fit into the OSS model as we continue to release and update those libraries.

Jeff Mendez

My name is Jeff and I enjoy to build things and fishing on my downtime.

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